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People involved in the healthcare industry need to be prepared for what’s to come. Technology is improving and playing a major role in innovations in the healthcare industry. Professionals are constantly looking for new solutions for problems arising in the industry. Here are some trends that will be impacting the healthcare industry in 2019.

Behavioral Health Epidemic

Identifying the behavioral health issues for eating disorders, anxiety, and depression could provide a more effective treatment for patients. There needs to be a more accurate and quick assessment of a patient’s mental health. It typically takes between eight to ten years for mental health patients to begin intervention or treatment. Since the opioid epidemic is rising to a point where over a hundred people die each day from overdoses, managing dosages and health screenings are becoming more of a focus. Searching for new alternatives to avoid an increase in opioid use and advancements in technology that can prevent potential misuse of drugs is the main focus for healthcare innovators.

Precision Medicine

Precision medicine, or pharmacogenomics, is impacting the research done in healthcare technology. This approach has already seen huge success with oncology patients since it focuses on the patient’s protein interaction and genetic makeup to prescribe a more unique treatment for each patient. Tracking cancer and discovering where it was formed can help doctors create better treatment plans. Investors are looking to put their money into pharmaceutical companies that are focusing on other precision medicine uses outside of oncology.

Healthcare Cybersecurity

The healthcare industry is falling behind on the updates to cybersecurity in their systems. In reports from last year, there was an average of 32,000 attacks per day on healthcare companies which is over half of what other industries companies see. Cybersecurity standards need to start improving in the healthcare industry to ensure patient information safety. Healthcare data is more valuable than regular financial information and can sell for much more on the black market. Healthcare companies should be taking large strides this year to improve their standards and safety procedures. Look out for more money going into IT investments to improve security measures.

Though these trends are all large steps for the healthcare industry to make, they might not get resolved in 2019. But it is better to start these trends now rather than later when situations may become direr. If you’re a healthcare innovator, these trends may be something to focus on this year.